highly sensitive and gifted

“knowing yourself in the beginning of all wisdom”


loneliness and misunderstanding

Life as a gifted person can be lonely. Even with peers, you can feel misunderstood because the IQ range within giftedness is big. The higher the IQ the more abstract and faster you think. A consequence of that might be that people can’t follow you anymore and you them – perhaps – neither. At work you are way ahead of the majority – if not all – of your colleague’s. You might be critical at yourself and expect the same in return from the people in your environment. They might find you a smart ass.

You are very talented but can you handle the pressure to perform continually well? Can you live up to your own high standards and/or are you afraid of failure? Are you able to relax during your vacation or is your head still busy with workrelated things? If so, you might face a burn-out. The opposite is also possible that you are not challenged enough at your work and then you might face a bore-out.

There are also other challenges to face for gifted people, for example: too much adjusting/pleasing at your own cost, suffering from existential depression, unable or unwilling to cooperate with other people and so on.

Stop acting and prevent a burn-out/bore-out or whatever that isn’t good for your health.


What you can do is to take a moment to stand still and look from a distance at yourself and ask yourself: “is this what I want for me?” and if not, what then?

I can help you with that. We can go for a walk in nature and take a look at your wish. On average 4 walks will do.

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