highly sensitive, gifted and a sensation seeker

What a unique combination: 3 aspects in 1 person, each with its own needs:

  • the highly sensitive part craves tranquility after activities
  • the thrill-seeking part indicates a need for – an occasional – excitement and variety
  • the gifted part has a need for knowledge and depth

Navigating this unique combination can be quite a challenge. It’s is essential to create space for all 3 aspects within yourself and strike a balance.

What you may encounter is that you:

  • do not take sufficient recovery time, resulting in becoming overstimulated, which can (ultimately) escalate into a burn-out
  • do not receive enough stimuli, leading you into a state of boredom (bore-out)
  • experience loneliness and misunderstanding
  • experience anxiety
  • feel sadness (about the state of the world, questioning the meaning of existence)
  • Are (an unhealthy) perfectionistic and/or fearful of failure
  • display pleasing or adaptive behavior at the expense of yourself
  • have difficulties collaborating, at least according to “them”
  • are very critical of yourself and/or others
  • set the bar too high for yourself, compromising your well-being, and/or procrastinate
  • have a very high level of abstraction, making it challenging for people to follow you and visa versa
  • something else

If you’re facing something and have a wish, then a walking coach trajectory might be something for you. First, there is an introductory walk. Together, we walk in nature to see if there is a connection and if your wish is achievable.

If we decide to proceed with a trajectory, then there will be – on average – 4 walks where your wish is the starting point. With the help of nature you will do some exercises (only if you want of course) to gain insight how fulfill your wish. I provide guidance. It unfolds naturally.

If you’re interested or want more information, feel free to contact me:

Elza Ruygrok, registered nature coach and hsp expert: 06-46 39 29 67.