highly sensitive, gifted and a sensation seeker

Besides being sensitive and gifted, you might also be a high sensention seeker. It means that you also need to have a buzz once and a while. For every person it’s different what they want. As a kid you might love to go in a rollercoaster, jump of bridges and experiment with alcohol. As a grown-up you might like to explore countries, climb mountains, be a policeman or military for your and so on.

It’s a special combination: the sensitive side of you needs rest, the gifted side needs to satisfy its hunger for learning/deepening and the sensation side needs a buzz. It can be confusing.

You have to give them all 3 a place inside you. Find the balance. It is possible and up to you how to handle this. I can help you to discover how to do so.

On average it takes 4 walks in nature, contact me: Elza 06-46 39 29 67.