nature coaching


(living) loss

too much stress

high sensitivity

‘t Gooi – Amsterdam – Utrecht – Amersfoort

are you:

  • someone with a wish, related to loss, high sensitivity or too much stress?

do you:

  • find yourself grappling with a lack of energy, tension and restlessness, overthinking, loneliness, uncertainty, fatigue, sadness, or a sense of hopelessness?


  • yearning for a change in your current state?

then walk with me in nature.

nature coaching

The combination of nature and walking brings tranquility to a person. Furthermore, it lifts your mood. From this calm and encouragement, you can think clearly. What is your wish? This is central to the process.

With the help of nature, you will engage in exercises – only if you choose to – so that you gain insight into how you can fulfill your wish, thereby improving the quality of your life. I will provide guidance. It all unfolds naturally.

I can also provide you with – general – information about loss, excessive stress, and high sensitivity.


For further information, call me: Elza Ruygrok 06-46392967

registered nature coach