living loss / chronic sorrow

“you thought you were going to Paris but it turned out to be Rome”

living loss

Living loss is the ongoing process of grief and adaptation that occurs when someone is faced with a permanent change in their health or life circumstances or that of a loved one.


In this metaphor, “Paris” represents the expectations, dreams, or the original life path that someone had planned.

“Rome” represents the reality of current life, which has changed due to circumstances and may not align with what was originally expected.


You can only experience sorrow from love and connection with someone.

challenges you may encounter with living loss

  • misunderstanding from the environment, leading to loneliness and social isolation;
  • hesitancy to fully experience your feelings because tomorrow “everything can be different. you may become emotionally numb;
  • dealing with feelings of guilt and/or shame;
  • energy loss: juggling various responsibilities, such as daily caregiving tasks, other family members, visits, work, administrative tasks, etc.;
  • long-term emotional strain: the ongoing need for adjustment and uncertainty about the future weigh heavily on you;
  • experiencing too much stress, for example, by trying to do everything perfectly at the expense of yourself. Cognitive function loss can be a warning sign;
  • sadness about losing (part of) yourself. Due to circumstances, you have had to take on a different role, and your initial life plans can no longer be carried out, leading to feelings of frustration, powerlessness or hopelessness.

for professionals in the field

If you work in an environment where “living grief” is present, feel free to share your story and wish.

nature coaching

A green environment, a listening – non-judgmental – ear. Someone to tell your story to with an empathetic heart and sharer of your wish. The goal of the walks is to make progress in your wish.

I can also provide general information about loss and grief, excessive stress, and – if applicable – sensitivity. That is what I can offer you.

what does a nature coach trajectory look like?

  • first, we’ll see if there is a “click.” Both you and I can decide not to proceed with the trajectory;
  • Then, we’ll start the trajectory in a natural area (where that is, we’ll coordinate);
  • next, we’ll explore what your wish is. If you don’t know it yet, we’ll discover it together;
  • your wish is the starting point of the trajectory;
  • through exercises in nature, you will gain clarity on what you can do to realize your wish. You fill in, and I provide guidance so that you can move forward in your process with renewed energy, improving the quality of your life. It all unfolds naturally.


If you’re curious or want more information, call me: Elza Ruygrok, 06-46392967, registered walking coach, and hsp expert.

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