Information about high sensitivity

Walking coach kids:
teens and fear of speaking in public
teens “darefail” / bright in

Walking coach adults:
sensitive power!
recuperation after stress

All walking courses mentioned above consist of 4 walks at a total cost of 320 euros*, VAT exclusive.
For each additional walk, 80 euros (VAT exclusive) is charged.

In case you accomplish your goal before the 4 walks have been completed, you can do the walks left at a later date, within a year after the last walk. These left walks are not transferable.

A walk lasts 1 to 1 and a half hours.

In principle a walking coach is not covered by insurance, because this sort of coaching is not considered part of primary medical expenses. You could inquire with your insurance company what the possibilities are. Sometimes part of the costs is covered if instead of “coaching”, it is called “counseling” or “psychosocial assistance” or “alternative treatment”.It is also possible that (part of) the coaching course can be paid by:

Greek mythology
Book review

Costs: 20 euro per walk, VAT exclusive
A walk takes 1 to 1 and a half hours