coaching while walking in nature

What does nature coaching entail?

We will walk in nature and discuss your wish. This is the central focus of the (average 4) walks.

Scientifically, it has been proven that walking in nature has benefits: it improves your mood and reduces stress levels. Movement creates space in your mind, making you more creative and productive. Walking side by side, rather than facing each other, promotes relaxation and expresses equality. There is a lot of invisible power in walking together in nature.

To gain clarity on how you can achieve your wish, you will do exercises with the help of nature (only if you want to ofcourse). I provide guidance, and you fill in the blanks. It unfolds naturally.

The goal is to achieve your wish so that you can move forward in your life in a constructive way with the newly gained insights.


Feel free to contact me: Elza Ruygrok, registered nature coach and hsp expert, at 06-46392967.