coaching – while walking – in nature

“you are the captain of your ship of life: take a first step!”

Everybody benefits from being in nature and from movement. It reduces your stresslevel and boosts your mood. It also creates space in your head so that you can think clearly. That is why the walking trajectory will find place in nature.

Do you have a wish regarding:

  • a form of loss where you mourn about, such as: losing a loved one, health, work, a pet, a divorce, miscarriage(s), a possession that you are attached to, migration, adoption or otherwise;
  • your high sensitivity, such as: too much stress, not being able to set boundaries, adjust yourself too much etc.

than walk with me so that you can make progress in your wish.

Are you curious or do you want to have more information, give me – without any obligation – a call: Elza 06-46392967

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