coaching – while walking – in nature

Being in nature offers numerous advantages, profoundly impacting your well-being. It effectively reduces stress levels and elevates your mood, providing mental clarity by creating space in your mind. This is precisely why our walking journey is carefully crafted to unfold amidst the tranquility of nature and.

Would you like to share your desire in the realm of:

  1. Loss and mourning, encompassing experiences like the loss of a loved one, health challenges, work-related transitions and so on;
  2. Navigating and managing your heightened sensitivity, which may manifest as excessive stress, difficulty in setting boundaries, or an inclination to overly accommodate others?

By embarking on this journey, we aim to guide you towards meaningful progress in achieving your aspirations.

Are you curious or do you want to have more information, give me – without any obligation – a call:

Elza Ruygrok 06-46392967

registered naturecoach and hsp expert