high sensitivity

When are you highly sensitive? Your brain is wired in such a way that you notice more and process that information more deeply.

A valuable trait that 1 in 5 people possess. Highly sensitive individuals are, among other things, harmonious, caring, creative, group-oriented, capable of immense enjoyment, fond of depth in conversations, and attuned to nuances.

In Sensitivityland, various people reside, both introverted and extroverted:

  • the highly sensitive person (hsp);
  • the gifted hsp; and
  • the sensitive thrill-seeker (hsp/hss – highly sensitive sensationseeker), who can also be gifted.

Below, you can see some of the challenges that highly sensitives may face. For the other highly sensitives (gifted or thrill-seeker, possibly in combination with giftedness), I have created separate tabs next to this heading.

Each type has its own needs. In general, it can be said that they all need recovery time from the many impressions they experience. This is crucial to avoid imbalance.

For men, sensitivity is fundamentally different than for women because our culture is geared towards “macho” men.

Challenges that a highly sensitive person may face, include:

  • stress, stress, and more stress at work/school
  • perfectionism, fear of failure
  • anxiety
  • losing oneself, pleasing through excessive adaptation: you simply prefer harmony and peace
  • being critical of oneself, an unfriendly inner voice
  • allowing oneself to be overwhelmed by others, difficulty setting boundaries, being insuffienty assertive
  • unexpected “surprises” that completely throw you off
  • not liking to be in the spotlight, for example, during a presentation
  • other

If you have a wish related to your sensitivity, such as any of the topics mentioned above, then a coaching program during walking in nature might be something for you.

I can tell you a lot about your sensitivity so that you gain understanding of yourself and can make the right choices. Of course, we will work on your specific wish, which is the starting point of the trajectory. With the help of nature you will engage in exercises (only if you want) to obtain clarity about how to realize your wish so that you will be able to flourish.

Progress makes happy!

Feel free to contact me. The first walk is free and without obligation.

Elza Ruygrok, registered walking coach and hsp-expert 06-46392967