too much stress for too long

too much stress

Stress itself is a healthy phenomenon: it gives you the energy to do the things you want to do in a day.

Too much stress is a different story: it is unhealthy, and as it continues, it becomes increasingly unhealthy for your body and mind.

There are different degrees of “too much for too long” stress, each with their own symptoms: from tired to overloaded, overstrained, and ultimately burnout*.

If you feel that you are experiencing too much stress and want to do something about it, you have already taken an important step! Acceptance that things are currently as they are.

nature coaching: the path to recovery

What is important for you is to recover.

Your stress system is constantly “on.” It needs to come to rest. Walking in nature is an effective way to calm your stress system. Moreover, walking in nature lifts your mood. This brings peace, encouragement, and clarity. From here, you gain insight and can take steps toward your wish.

What does a nature coach trajectory look like?

  • first, we will see if there is a “connection.” Both you and I can decide not to continue with a trajectory;
  • then, we go together into a natural area (where that is, we coordinate);
  • next, let’s explore your desire. If you haven’t identified it yet, we will investigate within the trajectory.
  • your wish is the starting point of the trajectory. With exercises in nature, you gain clarity on what you can do to stop the depletion and do what is good for you.


Have you become curious or want more information, contact me: Elza Ruygrok, 06-46392967, registered nature coach, CSR certified stress coach


  • in case of severe burn-out symptoms (completely exhausted, mental distance, reduced cognitive ability, emotional dysregulation, psychological tension symptoms, psychosomatic tension symptoms, depressive feelings), then a nature coach trajectory is premature because your recovery capacity needs to be restored first.
  • when you are able to walk for half an hour, i can offer you a “recovery walk”: a mindfull walk in nature to restore your energylevel and cognition.


Signs that you have a bore-out include:

  • no enjoyment or satisfaction from your work
  • feeling bored at work: “how do I get through the day?”, “how long until I can go home?”
  • pretending to be busy with “nothing”
  • lacking energy even though you’ve done little
  • not feeling like doing anything, doing things reluctantly
  • poor sleep, worrying
  • seeing yourself as “worthless”
  • physical complaints

Do you recognize certain aspects of this? Go on a coaching trajectory with me to sort things out. What would you like? Let’s look at your talents. Nature is extremely suitable for making things clear to you. Imagine doing something where you thoroughly enjoy yourself. It’s possible! Take action. Your employer might cover the cost of the process.

We’ll start with an introductory walk. Completely non-committal. If it clicks and we both agree to continue, we’ll proceed with the process. You will do exercises – with the help of nature – where we’ll look at your talents, when you were last in a flow, where your passion lies, so you can start working from there to find a suitable work for you.

You’ll start thinking in possibilities and know that you are the captain of your life’s ship.

Feel free to contact me: Elza Ruygrok, registered walking coach, 06-46392967

job loss

Have you lost your job and are you looking for new work?

Losing a job can have many consequences, including for your income and social contacts since you no longer have colleagues. It can also affect your self-confidence and well-being.

If you want to talk about this and have a wish, for example, a new job, then walk with me. Nature will help you gain clarity about what to do so that you can flourish.

Feel free to contact me. Elza Ruygrok, registered nature coach: 06 – 46 39 29 67