passing away

When a beloved one passes away, your world comes to a grinding halt. Waves of disbelief and despair may wash over you, leaving you struggling to navigate a reality without their presence. People often seek solutions, but death is an immutable reality, no quick fixes can mend its impact. It’s common to grapple with anger, a sense of isolation from others who may not comprehend the depth of your grief, or an uncertainty about how to articulate their condolences.

The consequences of such a loss can be monumental, and your foremost worry might be ensuring the well-being of your child(ren). It’s a tumultuous journey, not only emotionally but also physically, socially, and financially, among other aspects.

How do you bridge that profound void in your heart? It’s an ambiguous space you find yourself an “in-between” realm. The life you once knew, familiar and comforting, has shattered, and you haven’t yet forged a new path to navigate this loss and grief.

As time passes and the tumultuous emotions settle, you’ll need to seek a new equilibrium. If you’re seeking assistance in this process, I offer a helping hand. We can go for a walk in nature, providing a tranquil setting for you to share your story and express your wish. Following this, we’ll have an evaluation, determining if we should proceed on this journey together.

If you’re interested or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact me:

Elza Ruygrok 06-46 39 29 67 registered nature coach and hsp expert