(suddenly) passing away

When a beloved one (suddenly) passes away, your world stands still. You may encounter feelings of disbelief and despair. People like to solve things, but death can’t be “fixed”. You may experience a lack of understanding in your environment or that people just don’t know what to do or say. The consequences of a loss can be enormous, your first concern may be the wellbeing of your child(ren). It’s a roller coaster you got into, not only emotionally but perhaps also fysically, socially, financially and so on.

How to continue with that gap in your heart? It’s an “inbetween” area you landed in. Your old familiar life is no longer there and you do not yet have a new way of living with the loss and grief.

When things have calmed down a bit, you will have to find a new balance. If you can use help with that, you can come to me. We’ll take a first walk in nature and I shall listen to your story and your wish. From there we will have an evaluation moment to consider if we’ll continue the trajectory.

Are you interested or do you have any questions, just give me a call: Elza 06-46 39 29 67.